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Friday, January 1, 2021

Art in troubled times

Our guest blogger is my artist friend Tucker, whose non-dominant hand expresses so much feeling and insight through drawing and other media. Expressing through his non-dominant hand, here is Tucker's response to life in the time of COVID-19.

Art in troubled times
by w. tucker 

I try to work every day and when I am not able to get into the studio, I work on these watercolor postcards to do the collage work. As with all of my work, these pieces are titled after the work is complete. 

at a loss (troubled times) 

This piece spoke to me of so many things – how the COVID-19 has affected us all and affected us all in similar and different ways. How our country is and isn’t dealing with the issue of race and equality. It spoke as well about the choice, as simply as we can make it, to stand and face these things – to look, to listen and to really communicate. 

red bird just above chaos 

My work tends to be an exploration of self and what is happening around me. There are times when the work seems fairly autobiographical and this piece I feel comes quite literally out of the chaos of 2020. It was not literal when I put it on paper – as I’ve mentioned before I don’t have an idea in my head or plan out the work before I start working. However, for me it does have a direct connection to the turmoil we’ve faced. And in what feels like a hopeful or even purposeful aspect of the peace, it might connect to what things we do to pull ourselves above or out of the chaos – meditation, breathing, swimming, prayer...

w. tucker
w. tucker @ tumblr



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