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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Dialogue With COVID-19

One of the most effective journal prompts I’ve developed is one involving a dialogue with a current challenge, problem, or crisis. The coronavirus sweeping the globe certainly constituted a crisis, not only for myself, but everyone in the world. I decided to have a dialogue with the virus in which my non-dominant hand spoke for COVID-19. As always, I received profound inner guidance from “the crisis.” Over the years I’ve learned that by confronting my biggest fears directly, using this dialogue form, I’ve come to understand the teaching I was receiving and be able to work with it productively, in my own life and in my work with others.

The following journal entry was done with both hands. My dominant hand asked the questions and my non-dominant hand answered for COVID-19.

Lucia Journal entry
Mar. 24, 2020

I want to talk to the coronavirus.

What are you?

I’M THE BIG C Coronavirus. 

How do you feel?


Raging. Like Anger? Like fire?

YES Raging

Why are you raging? Out of control?

Because I can. There are do defenses, no boundaries being put up to stop me. 

What can I do to help you? What do you need?

I am neutral. I go wherever I can. I don’t want to kill people. I just spread. It’s my nature. If people want to stop this contagious situation they need to set boundaries & limits. Also people need to learn to do nothing. To stay out of harm’s way. They don’t know how to protect themselves from raging out of control people, ideologies, policies, practices. They look the other way or think they are helpless & can’t stand up to these out of control elements in society that are fueled by violence & greed. It’s eating people alive, sucking the life right out of some people. 

This is bigger than “germs”. It is bigger than bacteria. It is out of control rage raging across the globe like wild fire. Like the fires that were set intentionally to destroy the lungs of mother earth: the Amazon forest. 

What does humanity need to do to save itself? Things are really dire.

People need to & will wake up to the giant imbalance. Look at what the raging out of control pan demic is begetting? Panic, Fear, anxiety, depression and all kinds of illness. Teach the writing & drawing cure for creating healthy & strong immune system. That’s what is needed. That’s what YOU can do. 

The forces that contributed to this calamity must be curtailed, limited, stopped from continuing. The force of numbers must be brought to bear. Individuals who feel powerless must come to realize the power of groups, strength in numbers, healing in community. 

People MUST rise above myopic camps who can’t see beyond their own trench in the ground, their own cave. I may be the world teacher if folks heed the call & learn the lesson. 

I’ve been saying this is all 3 catastrophes my parents survived, all happening at once. Ellis Island (my family - Grandma Lucia, Aunt Rose and Dad - in a cage in the prison wing in 1920), like the Mexico border today. The influenza pandemic of 1917-18, and the great depression of 1929 that lasts to the late 30s.

It’s all 3. The main differences are you have the internet so you can quarantine while staying connected....more medical care can be there IF everyone works together. Systems can be put in place. And you are right. This is a repeat of 3 classic, well-known tragedies in US history striking all at once. A triple whammy because – although no one is talking about the Mexican border, it’s going to figure into this crisis of virus. Some bad, bad karma has accumulated for the US from the inhumanity inflicted on people on the border. It all adds up to a red plague. Time to wake up, yo!


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  1. There is much wisdom in these words from Coronavirus. It is true that it came from an imbalance on the Earth. Nature is being destroyed by pollution and destruction in the hands of humans. Many animals have died and others have lost their homes. Therefore, there is more contact between animals and humans. Since many animals have died, now we have too many of certain species. IMBALANCE is the cause of this pandemic. Now, with most humans staying home, the Earth is resting. Lakes, rivers and air are cleaner. If we could only continue to respect our Earth, we could all heal. If we continue in the destructive path, more pandemics are inevitable.


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